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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Crazy Shit That People Have Searched For and Found My Site Instead

I checked my web counter to see some of the search items that people looked for and ended up on my site instead. These search terms are unaltered.

1. Indian aunty fucking
Quite a few people have typed this phrase in search of, well, indian aunties fucking. I'm not really shocked by this, but at the same time I don't fully understand it. How could the sight of some irate looking auntie such as myself having intercourse do anything but completely destroy an erection? I mean, look at me.

2. Indian aunty pissing
Why? Why would anyone want to see this? Do these people imagine that a video of me (or any other auntie for that matter) pissing will be any different than how they imagine it? It's brutal and it's functional. There's nothing else to it.

3. Girl punch girl on stomach

4. Does rene angelil have a large penis?
Who the fuck cares? He's older than carbon. Whatever remnant of a penis he has left has the appearance and functionality of a mushed up slim jim.

5. Stupid brown auntie
Well fuck you too, homeboy.

And finally,

6. Free indian aunty playing with 14 year old boy penis vedio
You know, I actually feel sorry for the person who typed this into their search engine. Something really messed up must have happened to this guy at some point. The circumstances in this guy's life which prompted him to search for this are probably identical to those which led Richard Ramirez to become the Night Stalker. Yeah, that's him up there by the way. Look closely at his palm.