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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Wonders of Gogurt

Yogurt is undeniably a tedious food to consume. First you need to find a spoon. Then you need to tear open the thin silver top of the prepackaged yogurt container. Then you need to dip the spoon inside the yogurt, scoop up an adequate amount (typically a spoonful), and then bring the spoon to your mouth. Well the good people of Yoplait have figured out a solution to this time consuming and laborious process by packaging the yogurt into a tube which you simply squeeze directly into your mouth. This amazing product is aptly titled "Gogurt," with the prefix of "go" making a subtle reference to its ease of use for those us with busy lifestyles and who are constantly on the "go."

Yoplait's advertisement of this product is an interesting one. It makes a clever social commentary on the brazenness of children, and how one mom chooses to address this issue by being straightforward with her language, but loving with her concern for their nutritional well being.