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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Dead

Damn, son. I did not see this shit coming. This is a sad day. There's only two things that Indian people truly love. Masala dosa and Michael Jackson. We like Michael better than we like food products that involve coconuts. We like Michael better than we like riding in taxis that have 3 wheels, a tarp hood, and a moped engine. His death is blowing up the news networks. I appreciate all the respect and attention he's getting in the news, but something is really pissing me off. Why does every news network insist on showing pictures of him in his most messed up state. There are hardly any pictures of him when he was an 80s icon in Thriller and Bad. The only pictures and clips of him are from a couple years ago when he was wearing pajamas to his pedophile court trial and dancing on top of SUVs. Where are all the face shots of him when he was straight pimping as a Smooth Criminal? Instead, CNN keeps posting that one picture where he looks like an albino chimpanzee with AIDS who had a human nose surgically attached by a medical student.

When someone like Clint Eastwood dies, do you think CNN is going to show pictures of him as he is now, which is basically a walking corpse with dust flowing through his veins? No. They're going to show pictures of him when he was Dirty Harry. Respect.