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Monday, July 19, 2010

I Bet The J. Peterman Guy From "Seinfeld" Is Really Confused As To Why His Career Is Dog Shit

That guy up there, the one who plays J. Peterman on Seinfeld...I guarantee he is so pissed that his career is such a pile of shit.

With the way he speaks in such a commanding tone of voice, his good looks, his full head of hair, you'd totally expect him to have his pick of scripts. I'm pretty sure he expected it to as well. I'm certain the last thing he expected was to be the host of fucking "Family Feud." Even the other losers on Seinfeld went on to have semi successful roles. Jeremy Piven is a huge star on Entourage. Newman had some shit here and there. Even fucking Sue Ellen Mischke landed a role on Desperate Housewives

I'm going right now to IMDB to look at his personal details. Ahh fuck...it turns out this fucker is actually pretty successful outside of acting. Apparently he co-owns the actual J.Peterman catalog with the actual J. Peterman himself. He also owns part of a restaurant chain. He also is a partner in two finance firms. He also owns a fucking Alaskan airline.

Fuck it, I'm too lazy to delete this post.