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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How "The Notebook" Should Have Ended

With the elderly lovers trapped in an elevator during a heat wave, roasting in their own juices until they died from a heat stroke, and discovered four days later clutching one another in the fetal position.

That's exactly what happened to this elderly couple in Georgia. They were totally the same couple from "The Notebook." They were sweethearts from a young age and completely in love with another. According to their son and daughter-in-law, they were always hand in hand, even after decades of being together. They had an elevator in their house to help them go up and down stairs. The husband would wake up every morning and go downstairs and fix his wife breakfast and send it up along with the newspaper in the elevator so she could stay in bed and work on her crossword puzzle.

But this couple didn't die peacefully in bed, facing one another. Nope, they died in pretty much the exact opposite fashion. I feel so sorry for this couple, mainly because I'm pretty sure this is how I'm going to die. Trapped somewhere hot, probably pushed in by my own grandchildren, with no communication to the outside world, and not being found until the stench of my waste attracts the local law enforcement.