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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey Usher, How About Another Song Involving a Club?

Usher, if you're reading this, I have a fantastic idea...do yet another song in which you meet, drink champagne with, and/or fuck women in a club! Seriously, it's not pathetic that your entire musical capacity ranges from slowly singing about club related activities to hyped up singing about club related activites. Oh did a DJ get you falling in love again? What the fuck does that even mean? You met another skank whom your going to wake up to the next morning in a panic as you vigorously scrub your cock and inspect it for clear vesicles?

Your kind really vexes the shit out of me. And by "your kind" I mean people who act like going to a goddamn club 4 out 7 days a week is their fucking job.

"Ahh shit, it's Thursday night...better get on my clubbing uniform and head on out."
***looks in closet, picks out a striped shirt and $150 jeans with pre-manufactured holes in it***

Why don't you cunts ever do anything that doesn't involve poisoning your liver and playing chicken with communicable diseases? Oh, here's a really radical idea...how about you read a fucking book once in a while? I know reading is for losers who don't get any pussy and all, but maybe you'll learn something. That way your life won't be completely pointless once you turn 35 and are no longer welcome in the VIP section because you've been replaced by a new crop of striped shirt wearing fucktards.