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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Greg Giraldo's dead but George Lopez still has his own TV show

I just found out today that Greg Giraldo died. Do you even know who Greg Giraldo is? Probably not because the basic laws of probability dictate that you're a moron. You're the reason why Carlos Mencia had his own show for so long and why "How I Met Your Mother" is still on the air.

So yeah, he died. He was one of the funniest comics out there and died without any real recognition. It's probably his own fault for not promoting himself properly or getting the right agent to do so. And overdosing on prescription pills probably wasn't such a hot shot idea. But damn...to be honest, I blame all you morons out there who don't appreciate good humor. And Jesus, there are a lot of you out there. How the fuck else can you explain why CBS is still financially viable, putting out garbage ass shows like "The Big Bang Theory?"

And as for his actual death, I think the hospital fucked up. From what I read, he was transported there in critical condition after being found down at a hotel party from taking too many pills. And now he's dead 4 days later, despite being cared for in a premiere university hospital with a state of the art ICU. Millions of people take too many pills and then go to a hospital to get their stomach pumped, or eat some charcoal, or whatever, and they make it out okay. So how did he die after 4 days of being in there? If his breathing stopped, they have ventilators that can breathe for him. If his blood pressure dropped or he became septic, we have antibiotics to administer and artificial means of restoring his blood volume and pressure. I think what really happened was that some dumbass resident on call gave him the wrong medication or ignored a vital change in his EKG.