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Monday, July 27, 2009

Jude Law Smacks An Indian Girl Upside The Head

Jude Law recently smacked an Indian girl upside her head. According to AOL entertainment:

A female photographer claims to have gotten a "real stinger" of a slap from Jude Law outside a London restaurant on Thursday morning and is considering legal action against the Cold Mountain actor.

Harsha Gopal was among a group of paparazzi taking pictures of the actor as he was leaving an eatery called Automat when flashes went off and there was confusion, leading the star to flail his arms around, striking the woman.

Normally you'd think that me, an Angry Indian Auntie, would be going ape shit over a white actor punching an Indian girl in the head. But to be perfectly honest, I really don't care. We live in a world where a guy like Jon Gosselin, who is LITERALLY useless, is a big celebrity with his own paparazzi entourage. So a guy like Jude Law, who is probably England's biggest actor, is obviously going to be overrun with paparazzi. And I don't think he intentionally hit this girl. I think he was overwhelmed on one particular night so he resorted to 6th grade middle school squirrel fighting tactics and started punching air...and if your ass happened to be in that airspace, then your ass got punched. Simple as that.

And what is this girl doing taking pictures of celebrities? Does she think the chicken vindaloo will just make itself? Will the sambar fairies appear magically at midnight to make the sambar? Know your role, gudiya, and start cooking.