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Monday, August 31, 2009

AOL.com Readers are All Ignorant, Mouth-Breathing Hillbillies

One of the sites I regularly go to to read about celebrity news is AOL.com. Technically it's not the readers who suck but the people who comment on the stories. The reason I say this is because at the end of every piece are user comments; these are, without fail, some of the nastiest, most racist, hate-filled, homophobic things I have ever read. It's obvious that the vast majority of people who comment on stories on AOL.com are just bitter, dimwitted sacks of garbage.

Here is a random example. AOL.com posted a story on their front page about Washington Redskins fullback Mike Sellers who apologized after putting the American flag on the ground by mistake after he carried it into the introduction of a game against the New England Patriots. He realized what he did was wrong and apologized. He said he acted in the heat of the moment and that he was sorry.

I read the user submitted comments on AOL.com and was just blown away by the level of racism and hatred towards this guy. People were saying things ranging from "kick him out of the league" to "have him play in Iraq" to just "send him back to Africa." Here are some verbatim, uncensored examples exactly as they appear on the AOL.com site:

10:52AM Aug 31 2009
This guy is a real scum-bag! Is oslama going to have him over for a beer now?

10:23AM Aug 31 2009
fuc--n monkey, worthless pc of shi----, go back to africa and breed with the rest of the apes you anti- american...scum bag

7:50AM Aug 31 2009
Throw him in jail for treason this unpatriotic puke.

What wonderful people, huh? Well I went to another site, USAtoday.com, that posted this exact same story and lo and behold, a completely different reaction:

bud7dy (16 friends, send message) wrote: 1d 21h ago
He should be severely killed!
Just kidding. I'm a die-hard patriot (not a Patriot fan) but I do realize that sometimes people get carried away and do stupid things. At least he didn't do a Rosanne Barr version of the National Anthem!

rise2it (19 friends, send message) wrote: 1d 22h ago
Allright...he wasn't looking to make some 'point'....it's not even a story....let it go.

igneousboy (0 friends, send message) wrote: 2d 3h ago
I'm a Cowboys fan and even I think the guy deserves a pass on this...this time.

Now obviously there were some positive comments on the AOL.com site and some negative comments on the USAtoday.com site but overwhelmingly the hatred belonged to AOL.

Of course I'm going to keep visiting AOL.com because I have crippling arthritis and it's easy to type "aol.com." Plus they pick stories for their front page with the elderly and senile, like myself, in mind.