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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Dumbest Woman on The View Gets Her Own Sitcom

No, it's not Elisabeth Hasselbeck, although she is a close, close second. I'm talking about Sherri Shepherd, the learning disabled co-host of The View who thinks the world is flat and that nothing happened before Jesus was born.

The sitcom will be titled "Sherri" and will air on the Lifetime network. According to BVnewswire.com:

Loosely based on Shepherd's real-life experiences, the show centers on a woman who deals with her husband's infidelity by allowing her husband's girlfriend and their child to move in with them.

I'm sorry...did I just read that correctly? This woman allows not only her cheating husband but his mistress to move in to her house? What kind of dysfunctional, self-loathing person would do this? There aren't a whole lot of black sitcoms in production out there and this would have been a brilliant opportunity for Sherri Shepherd to showcase a positive and uplifting role. Instead, a lot of young black girls are going to see a successful black woman acting like a damn clown just so she can get paid.

But there is an even bigger point that I am completely ignoring here...why is this moron getting her own show in the first place? She's not witty. She's not even literate. She is literally one of the dumbest human beings in America. I watched some Sherri Shepherd videos on YouTube and was just flabbergasted by how stupid she is. In the "world is flat" clip I posted above, she states that she has never even thought about whether or not the world is round or flat because she's more concerned with how she's going to feed her kids...as if taking the time to learn things a first grader should know will cause her kids to suffer. Only in American can someone like her not only survive but be a millionaire. In any other country she would have starved years ago.