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Monday, September 7, 2009

Lisa Loeb is Pregnant. For Some Reason CNN Considers This News.

According to CNN, Lisa Loeb is pregnant:

"They're excited to welcome their first child this winter," said Loeb's manager Janet Billig Rich.

Can anyone tell me why this is news? I can understand if Perezhilton.com or TMZ.com consider this news because they are both the purveyor of completely useless information to the even more useless people who read those sites, but CNN???

Most people don't even remember who Lisa Loeb is. I do because her ONE AND ONLY hit song, "Stay (I missed you)," was played on an endless loop in the mid 1990s right after I became immobilized from polio for the 3rd time. And since that song, she has literally done NOTHING.

And after being absent from the public eye for fifteen years, CNN decided to publish a story on her. And they don't even place it buried in the entertainment section of their website...they proudly showcase it on their main page, sandwhiched between stories about protests over health care reform and growing tensions with Venezuela.

I understand the need for celebrity news in a world which is becoming dumber by the second, but I wish we could at least stop artificially creating celebrity news. Or if we can't do that, can we at least stop artificially creating celebrities? The dumbasses that live for this stuff and whom CNN feels they have to cater to are the reason why Jon Gosselin is partying in the Hamptons instead of begging for spare change.