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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Joe Francis Punches a Girl in the Face and Kicks Her in the Stomach

So the girlfriend of Jody Brenner (from the tv show, The Hills) spotted Joe Francis, that one useless ass who produces the Girls Gone Wild videos, harassing a friend of hers at a club. She confronted him and then splashed her drink on his face.

Now at this point, Joe Francis was at a crossroads. He could act like a normal male and let security deal with the situation. Or, he could act like a recently domesticated gorilla and attack this 110 pound girl like she was a predator trying to rape his offspring.

He chose the latter.

Joe Francis punches her in the face, knocking her to the ground, and then kicks her in the stomach while she's down. I guess after years of dealing exclusively with shallow and mindless women who are willing to humiliate themselves for a free t-shirt, Joe Francis was shocked to come face to face with a woman willing to confront him. What is equally as shocking to me is that Joe Francis still thinks he's a legitimate celebrity and not just some douche that no one recognizes anymore. I watch TV every hour that my congestive heart failure allows me to and I haven't seen a Girls Gone Wild infomercial in forever...I'm pretty sure they've all been replaced by ads for eXtenze.

This will be the legacy of Joe Francis...a woman-beating P.O.S. whose infomercials were replaced by a penis enlargement pill.