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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"The Hangover" Was a Shit Movie and Meg Ryan is a Tired Old Bag

Let's star with The Hangover. This movie seems almost as if it was written by a pair of 4th graders. There is nothing thoughtful or surprising about this movie. It is exactly what you expect it to be. A group of guys get really fucking trashed in Las Vegas, and then wake up to a bunch of unexpected and zany things happening to them. I can just picture in my head the douchebag writers laughing and high fiving each other as they wrote this trash.

Asshole Writer #1: Okay, first off, we have to have one of the guys wake up married to some hooker. That's a given.

Asshole Writer #2: Of course. Oh and dude, dude, get this...let's have a TIGER just chilling in the bathroom when they get up. I mean, how ZANY would that be!!

Asshole Writer #1: Dude, and you know what they should discover is in their closet...a baby!!!

Asshole Writer #2: Can I...touch you?

Asshole Writer #1: Dude, what?

And as for my second observation...Meg Ryan is simply a tired old bag. I just saw her in this one movie, Serious Moonlight, where she tried to pull off this "When Harry Met Sally" type cuteness but it failed miserably because she's no longer cute anymore. She's just a tired old bag.